Audi R8 review...

Audi R8 review...

Audi R8 review...

Having spent four days recently with the Audi R8 5.2 V10 Plus (610ps), I felt compelled to share my thoughts. 

First of all, may I say a huge thank you to the Audi JCT600 Group for the loan of this stunning new Audi R8.

Well, I've got to admit, I always kind of wanted the Audi R8 to be some kind of glorified TT boasting a huge unjustified price tag. Well, it's fair to say it's just not the case. It's incredible!!!

When I first encountered an Audi R8 5.2 V10 Plus (610ps), it was at Silverstone, the home of British motorsports. Audi had kindly invited me for a track day to test my wits against the RS3, RS6 Performance (my own current car) and the Audi R8 5.2 V10 Plus (610ps). 

When I first sat in the R8, I could remember thinking "who would actually purchase one of these over the likes of a Porsche 911?". However, as the day went on it began to grow on me immensely. In my opinion, feels much more nimble than the 911 I tested. It's honestly one of the easiest supercars to drive given its astounding performance and by the time my day with the R8 had sadly ended - I was hooked! 

So, getting back to my recent time with the R8 during everyday life - what's the verdict? Well, it's amazing how much you begin to argue its impracticality when faced with a wife, kids and a dog. You begin thinking we'll walk if there's more than one passenger. Or they can walk and I'll drive. :-) 

But let's face it, this car wasn't built for practicality. This car is dominated by a mid-mounted V10 which is a very special thing indeed.  Always noisy upon start-up, yes, but this is a V10 of rare ability, so calm and smooth when pottering, letting the engine warble to itself and the twin-clutch gearbox self-select the ratios. However, when the Dynamic setting is selected, then this becomes a different beast altogether. Its acceleration is blisteringly quick and really quite addictive. The handling is about as good as I've ever experienced due to its weight distribution and the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. 

This really is a supercar you can use every day with a massive range of creature comforts, whilst offering a driving experience like no other. I've also established that the radio is clearly not required, given the roaring sound of that distinctive V10 proves far more entertaining than any radio station you could hope to find. And trust me, supercars aren't meant to have the option of being this comfortable or multi-functional. But somehow Audi seemed to have pulled it off.

Nucar Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Supercar looks
  • Spine-tingling V10
  • Sharp handling

  • Limited storage
  • Running costs

Verdict: I want one!

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